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Marvel TV Shows Brilliant New Business Model With Disney+ & Release Dates 2021

By: Domonique Cox-Salberg

As everyone knows by now, the pandemic has delayed just about everything imaginable, together with our precious entertainment. And seeing as how Tenet and Mulan did, studios are rightfully so, not up for sacrificing any more of their properties. Such as the most notable and biggest current franchises in Hollywood: The Marvel Universe. The ultimate movie experience, pandemic or not, not having a Marvel movie for a year and now for some, 2-year delays, definitely are felt among dedicated moviegoers. Nevertheless, have no fear—every movie slatted for 2020 has found a new release date in 2021, where every season, we may be graced with the Disney-owned superhero fare.

On top of that, Marvel’s brilliant business model going forward will release more content than ever before. Here is what we can expect from the rest of 2020 and onward in the Marvel Universe.

New Marvel Studios Release Dates

5/7/2021- Black Widow

11/5/2021- The Eternals

7/9/2021- Shang Chi

2/11/2022- Thor Love & Thunder

3/25/2022- Doctor Strange 2

Marvel & Disney+ Brilliant Business Model

In times like this, movie studios and companies are forced into an opportunity to build-up the inevitable future of moving pictures; streaming services. Thus, leading the brilliant span of streaming content and feature films is Kevin Feige and Disney. Starting with the successful trailer drop of WandaVision set to premiere this December, Marvel will weave these two platforms (streaming/film) to tell superhero stories with more depth and sophistication not yet seen within the franchise. Feige and Marvel’s creators now have more time to explore and create layered aspects within these stories that a much shorter film structure could not support.

As a result, weaving in Marvel TV shows and films creates continuity, motivating fans not to miss either to understand the full story. It’s a genius model, creative and money-wise for Disney. Imagine watching the penultimate episode of your favorite show’s finale, then having to watch the finale air in the theater—just brilliant for Feige and the Mouse House. As it is for us fans too, more storytelling and spectacle to come—all year long.

Here are the Disney+ Marvel television shows slated for next year and beyond.

Marvel TV Shows

12/2020- WandaVision

2021- The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

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Spring 2021- Loki

How Avengers: Endgame impacts Marvel's Loki TV series starring Tom Hiddleston

Fall 2021- Hawkeye

Hawkeye series under way at Disney+

TBA- Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel TV series will bring a live-action Kamala Khan to Disney+ - The Verge

TBA- She-Hulk

Marvel Announce A 'She-Hulk Series Is Coming To Disney+

TBA- Silk

Is Spider-Man: Homecoming Introducing Marvel's Silk?

TBA- Moon Knight

Ripper of The Hellbent May Appear in Moon Knight - MCU Cosmic

TBA- Untitled Nick Fury Show

Disney+ orders new Nick Fury Marvel series; Samuel L Jackson to reprise role – TBI Vision

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