Gilmore girls (2000)

Closer Look into ‘Gilmore girls’ Set Design: Lorelai & Rory’s Home

By: Domonique Cox-Salberg

Cozy sets and eclectic trinkets, Gilmore girls (2000) is filled with welcoming homes and locations; Rory and Lorelai’s quirky space, Sookie and Jackson’s colorful controlled chaos, or the antique furnishings of the Dragonfly Inn. All contribute to one of tv’s most welcoming worlds. However, the Gilmore girls themselves, playful home is the centerpiece of the show’s genial tone.

Therefore, premiering in 2000, Lorelai and Rory’s house is an emblem of the early 2000s’ shabby chic’ trend, as well as the other sets a part of the show. Filmed on a Warner Brothers backlot in Burbank and the rest of the Stars Hollow set, the Gilmore girls two-story house is met with a port and a pale clapboard façade with two bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room, and kitchen. But the true uniqueness of their home is in the form of its eclectic mix of antiques and secondhand furniture amassed over the years.

Lorelai in the Room

Most are brought in by the interior design guru Lorelai, where her space exudes loud and energetic without the compromise of comfort. The living room, in particular, plays off of her quirky, playful personality with odd trinkets scattered everywhere to show Lorelai’s impulsive habits that lead her to buy whatever she loves in an instant.

Moreover, a perfect example of how interior decoration in Gilmore girls is a fundamental element in the show used to flesh out the characterization of Stars Hollow’s inhabitants. Furthermore, Lorelai’s home is filled with decorative bell lampshades, floral prints, and kitschy items while maintaining a comfortable space the show is notorious for pulling together. These touches and more help to make their house a home.

But just like Lorelei, humor can be found within her spaces where form outweighs function in many cases, as when her blue, fuzzy alarm clock turns out to be unreliable on Rory’s first day at Chilton; or when Emily asks Lorelai where the elegant candlesticks she gave her. Lorelai then informs her she returned them and bought that now-infamous monkey lamp instead, which Emily considers pornographic, or the dancing rabbi doll which plays Hava Nagila.

Travel and Literature

On the other hand, Rory keeps her room tidy and chooses to decorate her bed with some stuffed animals and the very Rory makeshift bookcases, which include her dresser and below her bed. Plastered around her walls are pictures of countries she wishes to visit someday and Harvard, later Yale, paraphernalia to define her studious worldly nature, which also comes out in the show’s famous comprehensive references.

The Kitchen of Gab

The Gilmore girls’ retro kitchen is another important element that characterized their penchant for making coffee, heating leftovers, and notoriously never using their stove or oven. Junk food and sitting around a table talking was the Gilmore kitchen way. Other memorable additions were their pirate cookie jar, mismatched collection of giant mugs, a spice rack that is never used, and vintage storage canisters just for looks. Thus, taking a look back at Gilmore girls, it still holds up as one of the most charming homey set designs on television.

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