WandaVision (2021)

Disney Plus 'WandaVision' Premiere Episodes: A Bewitched Madness

By: Domonique Cox-Salberg

WandaVision launches with a solid start, and there is already so much to cover. In only two episodes, the impending danger is strongly felt through its quirky neighbors, eerie references, and Wanda and Vision’s desperate efforts to maintain their distorted life. And as the mystery is the shows driving force, there are tons to uncover in the premiere episodes and other comments and theories connected to the MCU and Marvel comics, which I will break down in this discussion.

House of M Comic Influence & WandaVision Ending

If you have read my WandaVision breakdown from the first trailer, I mention how I believe the House of M comic will be the alternate world Wanda creates in WandaVision to make her and others trapped feel safe. However, as of the events in the Avengers films, they may have more insight into why Wanda becomes mad (in WandaVision) and creates an alternate reality in the first place. What drives Wanda to break from reality could be Vision’s double death when she kills him and when Thanos does it. This event would imply that she gradually descended into madness since we know in Endgame she doesn’t right away.

It should be noted Marvel did not want WandaVision to unfold precisely like House of M, where at the end, Wanda is torn from her safe space, her children are taken away, and utters the famous lines, No more mutants.” Then, since The Multiverse of Madness is coming with Wanda set to be in it, we can guess WandaVision’s ending will have her rip open the multiverse and lead to the creation of mutants instead of their destruction. I know, so early for any talk about the finale, but it’s hard to ignore that relationship.

House of M famous lines from Wanda.

For The Children

Nonetheless, there are many surprising moments in these two episodes; one of the most jarring happenings is when Wanda suddenly becomes pregnant. Though before she does, there are hidden suggestions that make it clear that someone wants Wanda to have children. During the dinner, the older couple asks why they do not have children, for which Agnes later insists children are in her future, and to prepare by getting chummy with the neighborhood boss lady, Dottie, for connections. 

Wiccan and Speed, Wanda and Visions children.

Or how the magic show was labeled as ‘for the children’ and said several times throughout the episode. It could be why she eventually manifests an actual baby by the end of the second episode from these subconscious pushes to show she may be more in control of this world than we know. Who and why do they want Wanda to have children? Wiccan and Speed will likely join the show to set up significant plots from the House of M comic.

SWORD, Stark Enterprises, HYDRA, A.I.M.

SWORD, Stark Enterprises, HYDRA, Agnes, or Dottie are the possible people working behind the scenes to manipulate or subvert Wanda’s reality. SWORD is the most obvious possibility as there are two references found in the beekeeper and colored toy helicopter sporting the SWORD logo. Stark Industries is referenced in the toaster commercial showing a blinking red light to maybe warn of danger. The second commercial references HYDRA, an authoritarian paramilitary-subversive organization bent on world domination, also trying to contact Wanda—through the commercial and maybe by HYDRA agents in the neighborhood.

Agnes, Monica, and Dottie.

Now several characters could be agents of either organization. Monica Rambeau is a SWORD agent, Agnes could be with HYDRA. And as I mentioned in my article, WandaVision “New Era” Trailer Breakdown & Major Clues Revealed, femme fatale Deidre Wentworth from the comics is referenced in the magician scene by way of the Wentworth’s Department store in the background. Deidre is also an A.I.M. agent, a network of terrorist arms dealers and scientists specializing in highly advanced and technological weaponry, whose ultimate goal is to overthrow all world governments for their own gains. And lastly, the Stark reference could also be coming up since they created the bomb that killed her family, while HYDRA is the organization that gave Wanda her powers in the MCU.


The scene where Wanda sees the SWORD beekeeper and says “no,” rewinding to where she and Vision never leave the house, shows she has some control over her suburbia even though she doesn’t know with certainty that her reality is not real.

The hexagon framing.

Last thoughts: The line that stood out most was “The devil is in the details,” which could mean the Marvel villain Mephisto will make an appearance or have something to do with the threats Wanda and Vision will face. There may be a bee motif as the episode oddly ended the screen with Wanda and Vision in a hexagon in the picture above. Overall, the show is off to a solid start, and Elizabeth Olson and Paul Bettany are just as good as expected.

So, what did you think of the first two episodes? What are your thoughts or theories as to what is to come?

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